General Troubleshooting

Converting Clover config to OpenCore

  • While still a work in progress, see Clover2OC for more info. This section is useful for laptop users as well since commonly used properties have been translated over.

Stuck on "no vault provided!"

Turn the following off under Misc -> Security:

  • RequireSignature

  • RequireVault

Stuck on EndRandomSeed

Couple problems:

  • ProvideConsoleGop is likely missing as this is needed for transitioning to the next screen, this was originally part of AptioMemoryFix but is now within OpenCore as this quirk

Another possible problem is that some users either forget or cannot disable CFG-Lock in the BIOS(specifically relating to a locked 0xE2 MSR bit for power management, obviously much safer to turn off CFG-Lock). When this happens, there's a couple of possible fixes:

  • Enable AppleXcpmCfgLock and AppleCpuPmCfgLock, this disables PKG_CST_CNFIG_CONTROL within the XNU and AppleIntelCPUPowerManagment respectively. Not recommended long term solution as this can cause instability.

Another other possible problem is IRQ conflicts, Clover has plenty of different fixes that it can apply without you directly setting them. This makes it much more difficult when converting from Clover to OpenCore though luckily CorpNewt's also got a fix: SSDTTime's FixHPET option

Can't see macOS partitions

Main things to check:

  • ScanPolicy set to 0 to show all drives

  • Have the proper firmware drivers such as ApfsDriverLoader and HFSPlus(or VBoxHfs)

  • Enable AvoidHighAlloc if you're running a network recovery install

"Waiting for Root Device" or Prohibited Sign error

  • Generally seen as a USB error, couple ways to fix:

    • if you're hitting the 15 port limit, you can temporarily get around this with XhciPortLimit but for long term use, we recommend making a USBmap. CorpNewt also has a guide for this: USBmap Guide

    • Another issue can be that certain firmware won't pass USB ownership to macOS, to fix this we can enable ReleaseUsbOwnership. Clover equivalent is FixOwnership

iMessage and Siri Broken

  • En0 device not setup as Built-in, couple ways to fix:

    • Find PCI path for your NIC with gfxutil(ex: ethernet@0). Then via DeviceProperties in your config.plist, apply the property of built-in with the value of 01 and type Data. Recommended method

    • NullEthernet.kext + SSDT-RMNE. Only recommended when first solution doesn't work

Windows Startup Disk can't see APFS drives

  • Outdated Bootcamp drivers(generally ver 6.0 will come with brigadier, BootCamp Utility in macOS provides newer version like ver 6.1). CorpNewt has also forked brigadier fixing these issues as well: CorpNewt's brigadier

Incorrect resolution with OpenCore

  • Follow Hiding Verbose for correct setup, set UIScale to 02 for HiDPI

  • Users also have noticed that setting ConsoleMode to Max will sometimes fail, leaving it empty can help

Receiving "Failed to parse real field of type 1"

  • A value is set as real when it's not supposed to be, generally being that Xcode converted HaltLevel by accident:


    To fix, swap real for integer:


    No on-board audio

  • Verify that your PCIRoot is correct for your audio controller, this can be verified with gfxutil though keep in mind that not all audio controllers are named HDEF. Verfy what yours is via IORegistryExplorer(Common 2 are HDEF and HDAS)

    path/to/gfxutil -f HDEF

Stuck after selection macOS partition on OpenCore

  • CFG-Lock not off(Intel Users only), couple solutions:

    • Patch your MSR E2(Recommeneded solution)

    • Enable AppleXcpmCfgLock and AppleCpuPmCfgLock, this disables PKG_CST_CNFIG_CONTROL within the XNU and AppleIntelCPUPowerManagment repectively. Not recommeneded long term solution as this can cause instability.

  • AMD kernel patches aren't working(AMD Users only):

    • Either outdated or missing kernel patches

  • PollAppleHotKeys driver is incompatible:

    • Disable PollAppleHotKeys and KeySupport

Stuck on or near [PCI Configuration Begin]

This is commonly caused by IRQ conflicts with PCI devices/lanes. Depending on how your system was configured, it's recommended to have the following BIOS settings:

  • CSM disabled

  • Windows8.1/10 Mode

  • Forcing PCIe 3.0 link speed

    Now try one of these boot args:

  • npci=0x2000

  • npci=0x3000

Stuck on or near IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLock...

This is right before the GPU is properly initialized, verify the following:

  • GPU is UEFI capable(GTX 7XX/2013+)

  • CSM is off in the BIOS

  • Forcing PCIe 3.0 link speed

Black screen after gIO on Navi

  • Add agdpmod=pikera to boot args

  • switch between different display outputs

Stuck on This version of Mac OS X is not supported: Reason Mac...

This error happens when SMBIOS is one no longer supported by that version of macOS, make sure values are set in PlatformInfo->Generic with Automatic enabled. Reminder of supported SMBIOS:

  • iMac13,x+

  • iMacPro1,1

  • MacPro6,1+

  • MacBook8,1+

  • MacBookAir5,x+

  • MacBookPro9,x+

    300 series Intel stalling on apfs_module_start...

Commonly due to systems running AWAC clocks, you'll need to use either:


    • Forces legacy RTC clock on


    • Creates a fake RTC clock when legacy can't be forced

Stalling on apfs_module_start..., Waiting for Root device, Waiting on...IOResources..., previous shutdown cause... in Catalina

Verify your EC SSDT is enabled and correct for your system.

Kernel Panic Cannot perform kext summary

Generally seen as an issue surrounding the prelinked kernel, specifically that macOS is having a hard time interpreting the ones we injected. Verify that your kexts are in the correct order(master then plugins, Lilu always being first) and that kexts with executables have them and plist only kexts don't.

BIOS reset or sent into Safemode after reboot/shutdown?

Issue with AppleRTC, quite a simple fix:

  • Under Kernel -> patch:


















"Couldn't allocate runtime area" errors?

See Fixing KALSR slide values

Can't run acpidump.efi

Call upon OpenCore shell:

shell> fs0: //replace with proper drive
fs0:\> dir //to verify this is the right directory
Directory of fs0:\
01/01/01 3:30p EFI
fs0:\> cd EFI\OC\Tools //note that its with forward slashes
fs0:\EFI\OC\Tools> acpidump.efi -b -n DSDT -z

Booting OpenCore reboots to BIOS

  • Incorrect EFI folder structure, make sure all of your OC files are within an EFI folder located on your ESP(EFI system partition)

Directory Structure from OpenCore's DOC