Windows install

Last edited: January 18, 2020

While you don't need a fresh install of macOS to use OpenCore, some users prefer having a fresh slate with their boot manager upgrades.

To start you'll need the following:

To start, open gibMacOS.bat as Admin and select Toggle Recovery-Only:

Now search through for your desired version of macOS, for this example we'll choose option 5 for macOS Catalina:

This will download the RecoveryHDMetaDmg.pkg to \gibmacos-master\macOS Downloads\publicrelease\xxx-xxxxx - 10.x.x macOS xxx

Next open makeinstall.bat as Admin and select your drive with option O for OpenCore( ex: 1O).

Once your drive is formatted, it will then ask you for the RecoveryHDMetaDMG.pkg that we downloaded earlier. Top right of the file window will let you copy the file path:

makeinstall will finish up by installing OpenCore to your USB's EFI System Partition, you can find this partition labeled as BOOT:

Now with all this done, return to Creating the USB to finish up your work